Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 – How To

You probably already knew that custom ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat required latest ClockworkMod Recovery or higher version. We already covered Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, that’s why we decided to write an installation process of CWM Recovery (touch and non-touch) on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 for those who yet to install this latest CWM recovery.

UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) : Install Latest TWRP Recovery 3.2.3-0 – Easy Tutorial

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If you don’t know then, stock recovery comes with various limitation including lack of backup and flashing a custom firmware ability. On the other hand custom recovery such as CWM recovery allow you to do various task including ability to flash custom ROMs and other signed zip, backup and restore whole system, can clear Dalvik cache, can fix permission and many more. The latest ClockworkMod Recovery also comes with various added features. Here is a list of features that added to latest ClockworkMod Recovery

Also see: Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 – How To



This tutorial is only for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Don’t try this guide on any other Android device. Also, we are not responsible for any damage caused due to the instruction given in this page. Try this at your own risk. However, it is very unlikely that your device will be damaged if you follow all the instructions as it is which are mentioned in procedure.

Pre Requisites:

1. Backup your device data. You can follow our ultimate backup guide. [Optional]

2.  Make sure your device have at least 60% battery power. You can install an app like Battery Percentage on your Android device to check it easily.

3. You already have USB Driver Installed for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 in your PC. [Download USB Drivers]

4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled otherwise you won’t able to transfer file between PC and Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. [Guide].

If you done everything that we mentioned above then you are ready to follow step-by-step guide on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300.

File Required(Download by clicking on it)

  1. Touch Version: or
  2. Non-touch Version:

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

  1. Download Odin v3.09.
  2. Extract Odin zip file and you will get Odin3 v3.09.exe along with few other files.
  3. Power off your Android device. Wait 5-6 seconds for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  4. Now, put the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 in Download Mode by pressing and holding down the Volume Down, Home and the Power button together. A warning screen will come up; press Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.
  5. Now run Odin3 v3.09.exe (see Step 3) as an Administrator because Admin privileges is required to complete the process smoothly (only applicable Windows Vista and higher).
  6. Now connect your device to your PC using USB cable. An “Added!!” massage will appear in Odin’s message box. If you don’t get the same then you should try another USB port (try USB port located in back in your desktop PC). If that too don’t work then you should reinstall the driver. If you successfully see the “Added!!” message in Odin then you are ready to go in next step. You should also see COM port with a number in Yellow if you successfully added your device.
  7. Click the AP Button, and select that .tar.md5 file that you downloaded earlier. If you are using old Odin then add the file to PDA button.
  8. In Odin window, make sure only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time checkboxes are selected.
  9. Double check everything that we mentioned in Step 7 & Step 8 above. Now, once satisfied hit the START button to begin the flashing process.
  10. Once flashing completed, your Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 will restart and soon you will see a PASS message with green background in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. You can now unplug the USB cable to disconnect your device from computer.

Congrats! You just installed latest ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. To boot into recovery, turn your device off then press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power button for few seconds and soon you will see the ClockworkMod Recovery screen. In recovery use Volume rockers to scroll between options and Power button to select an option or operate using touch.


  1. Hey Guys! I got a problem installing CMW Versions.. Odin says everthing went fine, but when i to boot my S3 in recovery mode, its allways using the normal android recovery mode and DOES NOT START CMW.. What am I doing wrong?!

  2. same exact behavior for me as well.
    This would be the 4th website with similar steps, and I always get a Odin success, and I also always get the normal recovery mode instead of CWM.
    I really really triple checked the steps and prerequisites … I know I am not missing anything in that regard.
    So echoing what @thecoopeer:disqus also said: What are we doing wrong then ?

  3. Ok I got this dude that works:

    The idea is to:
    – NOT reboot after Odin (uncheck the Auto Reboot option)
    – in turn, directly after Odin is finished boot into recovery, (hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons)
    ==> CWM does open
    – reboot from CWM
    – in the warning the ROM might be flashing recovery, click Yes … and CWM will permanently be your Recovery mode


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