Top 6 Cloud Backup App For Android Users


Cloud Backup App for Android is now basic need for many since more and more manufacturer avoiding adding support for external memory. Need to save those precious moments captured in your phone? Want to keep backup of important office files just to be on the safer side? Android cloud backup has a solution for all such issues. Now, no need to worry about data hack or mobile loss or limited internal storage, just keep your backup with one click using one of below listed apps.

6 Cloud Backup App For Android Users

1. G Cloud Backup


A free android cloud backup app which provides simple and safe protection for contacts, videos, photos, documents and files. Now organize your memories in a timeline and go back in time to view your first recorded video or a first call from a year ago. The app provides easy migration to different devices and extending the storage capacity by saving everything on cloud. [Play Store]

G Cloud Backup App for Android Screenshot

2. Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a cross-platform contact backup to avoid the loss of contacts in mobile phone. Create an account on cloud and store your data just by one click. This app also provides unique automatic call record functioning. With 4.6 ratings on play store, this app is considered to be a good backup idea for your mobile phone. [Play Store]

Cloud Backup App For Android Screenshot

3. CM Backup-Restore, Cloud, Photo

Create a backup of your valuable data on this cloud server in case of your device damage or lost. CM Backup is a simple restore and backup tool that can keep record of contacts and messages; browser books marks and calendar backups; alarms and call logs. Intelligent and secured data transfer along with compressed photos to save space on your device makes this cloud backup app the best to manage the space and data. [Play Store]

CM Backup Screenshot

4. 100 GB Free Cloud Storage Degoo

Store a data of up to 100 GB on Degoo which is more that Drop Box, Microsoft one Drive and Google Drive combined. With advanced encryption algorithms, your backup files are securely stored in the cloud and are always protected. Multiple copies of our data stored on cloud makes it more reliable and trustworthy app. Store your files from your cloud storage to any computer in the world, whenever you want to. [Play Store]

Degoo Cloud App Screenshot

5. DropBox

A secure place for your photos, videos and other files; Drop Box allows you to keep a backup of your valuable data files easily. Create an account on DropBox and store whatever you selected. You can share large files with anyone even if they don’t have a drop box account. Two step verification makes it very easy and handy to save a file. Its indeed one of the most use cloud backup app. [Play Store]

Dropbox Android App Screenshot

6. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive provides you free online storage for everything in your work and personal life. Using camera backup, automatically upload photos and videos to your personal OneDrive account. Browse all your OneDrive data and files shared with you or create new folders; all this in one app with much more facilities to help you collaborate with other people at work. [Play Store]

Microsoft OneDrive Screenshot

The current technology has provided every possible ease to human kind, one of which is data backup that is quite a relief for professional companies and business men.



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