How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Okay..! You might be searching for an article on how to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Since the device is new if you are searching for this topic there are two possibilities. Either you are just searching to learn on this topic or your precious Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is now literally a brick. But do not get panicked because when we get panicked or stressed the issue would always multiply and get complicated. So please be calm, relaxed and keep reading. In order to fix any problem we must know the root cause for the same. If we know that we could be able to treat the issue in an appropriate way. So let us know quickly what is this bricking android phone.

Type of Bricking and Reason Behind It


The term ‘ brick ‘ in android phone indicates that after this stage there is no other use of your smartphone other than using it as a paper weight. Hey…! Don’t cry…! Keep reading as I have some reasonable good news in this bricking topic. As always there is a way to unbrick your smartphone. Hmm, looks like getting some smile in your face. Alright ..! There are two types of brick named as

  1. Hard brick
  2. Soft brick

Hard brick, is a stage when your smartphone is no longer usable since not possible to flash it as well. No flashing software would detect it and the same scenario when you connect your smartphone with the computer using USB cable.

Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


This happens when you try to do some unofficial firmware update, some third party ROM’s, improper flashing that results in system malfunction and even the preloader would get corrupted. There are several layers in your smartphone’s software end like Preloader, recovery, booting and this preloader is the most sensitive part. If this get corrupted it cannot communicate with hardware hence not possible to detect the same via any software. It wont boot, start, enter recovery mode and even not possible to charging. This situation is hard to cure and you have to submit it to service centers which is again a costly move.

Soft brick, on the other hand is a situation happens at software level which can be cured. This has several stages and we should examine how it happened and what is the exact stage that your high end Samsung phone is at now. So please keep reading with patience and decide which steps to be followed to get your beloved mobile back to normal.


Since the android is an open source there are always possibilities you flash third party tool that sometime result bricking device. This happens when you mishandle a custom flashing, improper firmware update, removing bloatware etc., Alright, now we would see different scenario which is considered as a soft brick.

  1. Do you feel sluggish behavior from your phone..!? It might be a problem with the process or some faulty app that you might have installed. These are mostly a beginning and the same is easy to fix. For this kind of issue hard reset would be sufficient. The reason is when you do hard reset all your data would be erased including all those useless apps that you might have installed by mistake. You can do this hard reset either by using the buttons or by navigating into the settings menu.
  2. In addition to the hard reset you could also try to clear app data cache which will clear up some source where junk files might be stored. This also helps in boot loop issue where your phone behaves strange while rebooting that results in improper response. To clear cache power off your phone and wait for the process to be completed. Now enter into the recovery mode by pressing the home, power and volume up button together until your phone progress to the recovery mode. Select “wipe cache partition”, Optional: choose “advance” and pick “wipe dalvik cache”. Once you are done  go back to main menu of recovery. Select “reboot system now”. Now your phone should work.
  3. Sometimes your precious phone might go to a stage where a total blackout screen happens, screen freezes all of sudden but still it is alive. For such cases a force restart would help. Your phone already have such feature to force restart itself. But if this is not available please check out here about how to force restart your phone.
  4. If the above solutions are not working and your tension increases, please relax, we have one more final treatment which is the ultimate to unbrick Galaxy S7 Edge. We can do this by downgrading the OS to stock or reinstalling the official android firmware. This would relock your system files, root access revoked, bloatware reinstalled, stock recovery image applied and once again all the factory settings would be applied. This means that your phone goes to initial state and it is always advisable to do a backup in prior.

For doing this you would need a windows based computer in which you have to install ODIN software, have to access your phone settings ” menu –> settings – >about phone” from where you need to tap several times on Built Number, until you become a developer. Afterwards, you must check the USB Debugging option, it will available under “menu –> settings –> developer options”.

Steps To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. First download Odin on your computer and install the program by following on screen prompts.
  2. Please make sure that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge USB drivers also installed on your PC too – you can use Samsung KIES for the same.
  3. Then you have to download the stock or official Android OS for your S7 Edge – from True Android Samsung Firmware section or from Samsung’s official website. All kind of official packages are available here.
  4. Let’s prepare your phone; Power off your device and reboot into download mode: press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons for a few moments; then connect your phone with your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  5. Once it is plugged in the device must have been detected. After making sure that Odin has recognized your device (the “added” message must be displayed and the ID:COM field should be turned yellow or blue) from the program select the PA option.
  6. Load the firmware file (.tar file that you usually get after extracting the firmware ZIP); don’t select the Re Partition and Auto Reboot options; click on Start once you are sure that your device is detected.
  7. Wait while your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is being updated; when done, remove the USB cord and reboot your phone.

Now your phone must get back to business and have a bright smile just like you having now after seeing that there is a solution for soft brick. You now successfully unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.



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