FREE Download Scientific Diet Clock Android App

You can now download Scientific Diet Clock android App for free. You no longer require to spend $0.99 for this cool app. If you don’t know then Scientific Diet Clock is an app that help you to calculate your calorie intake in real time. Diet Clock is very easy to understand – It works like a calorie chronometer.

Scientific Diet Clock

• Real time calorie counting
• Translated into 26 languages
• Available in 10 different platforms
• Simple, clean and intuitive interface
• Automatic backup and data synchronization
• Realistic estimation of weight loss
• Shows how fast your body burns calories
• Complete nutrition information (fiber, sugar, sodium)
• Adjustable macronutrient ratio (proteins, carbohydrates, fats)
• Advanced search engine
• Statistics on calorie consumption
• Large food database
• Foods divided into navigable categories
• Add your own foods and exercises
• Bookmark your favorite items
• Fully editable entries
• Automatic updates
• Today’s overview
• Adjustable calorie threshold
• Cyclic mode


This isn’t any crack version but the developer make this app for free for next 4 days. So grab it as soon as possible.

Download Scientific Diet Clock From Play Store For Free


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