Motorola Moto X Play vs Samsung Galaxy J7 – Feature & Spec Comparison

In the current world of extreme competition in every field, it’s difficult for an ordinary man to survive. Everybody has to be the best it can be. The same is true for the tools and gadgets developed by humans also. An environment of competition is developed all over the world in every field, whether it’s related to social sciences or technology. Everybody has got a rival to beat. The one with the best motivation and hard work takes the trophy always. Same environment is prevailed in the Smartphones industry as well. Here are we talking about Samsung Galaxy J7 and Motorola Moto X Play.

General Comparison:

The people with unity and the environment are crucial for a program to be successful. There are a lot of respects Moto X play can be looked upon. Both smartphones are intended to make a blast entry in the Android market.



Design & Display:

Design and size of the first attribute of any phone which can be well enough to let the viewer have a first impression about the set. First impression always attracts the humans, whether the thing is that much proficient in the future or not. Dimensions of Moto X Play are 148.00 x 75.00 x 10.90 mm while those of Samsung Galaxy J7 are 152.40 x 78.60 x 7.50 mm. Moto X Play and J7, both devices are very light weight with the weight of 169 and 171g respectively.

Display of the phone has to be very fine and of optimum size for a smartphone to be successful. Few things can’t be compromised while manufacturing the device like the quality of touch system and LCD. So size is to be decided with extreme care. Both brands have assembled these devices with 5.50 inch screen size. Resolution is kept as 1080 x 1920 pixels in Motorola Moto X Play and 720 x 1280 pixels in Samsung Galaxy J7.

Camera and Sensors:

Eminence of camera in any device is a strong pleader of its worth among a set of cellphones. A balance between the front & rear camera, camera and sensor must be established to have the most suitable way out. Moto X Play has shown its class by developing the phone with 21-mp rear camera with LED flash light and a front camera of 5-mp. On the other hand, back camera of J7 is just 13-mp with front camera of 5-mp. Undoubtedly, Moto X Play has beaten the Galaxy J7 with a great margin in this regard.

As far as sensors are concerned, Moto X Play is furnished with Magnetometer, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor while only Proximity sensor and Accelerometer are being a part of J7. Battery capacity of Moto X Play is 3630 mAh while that of J7 is 3000 mAh.

Hardware and Software:

Importance of hardware efficiency and reliability can’t be denied in any case. The processor of the device must be strong enough to make the device function with full performance. Use of 1.7 GHz octa-core processor in Moto X Play is a clear depiction of the eminence of this device. Galaxy J7 is assembled with 1.5 GHz octa-core processor. Ram used in Moto X Play is 2 GB while that of J7 is 1.5 GB. Internal Storage is kept 16 GB in both the devices with capability of expandable storage.

Operating system should also be in correspondence with hardware capabilities too. In the current scenario, Moto X Play is of Android version 5.1.1 while Samsung galaxy J7 is of Android version 5.1.


Pricing is undoubtedly the most important factor while choosing a cellphone to purchase. It’s because one has to see the feasibility for purchasing the phone first before going for it. Samsung Galaxy J7 is available in $248 in the market while Motorola Moto X Play is $251.


After examining all conditions carefully, it’s evident that the Motorola Moto X Play has got a little high specifications and quality than its rival and most interestingly there isn’t a huge difference between the prices of both phones. So it’s completely up to the buyer whether he chooses quality or just fame.


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