Roblox Pixel Piece Codes (February 2024) with How To

Roblox is a popular gaming platform that offers a wide variety of games for players to enjoy. One of the most popular games on Roblox is Pixel Piece, a game inspired by the popular anime series One Piece. In Pixel Piece, players can become pirates and embark on exciting adventures in a pixelated world.

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Roblox Pixel Piece Codes


Like many other Roblox games, Pixel Piece offers players the opportunity to redeem codes for in-game rewards. These codes are regularly updated and provide players with a chance to get free items, currency, and other exclusive rewards. In this article, we will be sharing the latest Roblox Pixel Piece codes for February 2024.

Active Pixel Piece Codes

At the time of writing this article, the following codes are active and can be redeemed in Pixel Piece:

  • mariofly5GANG – Redeem for a 2-hour Fruit Notifier, 10 Race Spins, and 2x EXP.
  • 110KW – Redeem for a 2-hour Fruit Notifier and 5 Race Spins.
  • UPD1 – Redeem for 5 Race Spins.
  • OOPS! – Redeem for 1 hour of 2 XP and 10 Race Spins.
  • 15kPlayers – Redeem for 20,000 Beli and 25 Race Spins.
  • JandelsRelease – Redeem for Fruit Notifier for 2 hours, and 10 Race Spins.
  • RELEASE! – Redeem for Gold 10,000, 2 XP for 30 minutes.

How to redeem Pixel Piece codes

  1. Launch Pixel Piece in Roblox.
  2. Click on the “Codes” button located on the left side of the screen.
  3. A new window will appear with a text box.
  4. Enter the active code into the text box.
  5. Click the “Submit” button to redeem the code.
  6. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding reward.

It’s important to note that codes in Pixel Piece are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as they appear in the list.

Expired Pixel Piece Codes

Unfortunately, codes in Pixel Piece have an expiration date and can only be redeemed for a limited time. The following codes have expired and are no longer valid:

  • Sorry! – Redeem for 25 Spins.
  • Sorry2! – Redeem for 20 Race Spins.
  • RESET0.5 – Redeem for Stat Reset.

If you have already redeemed these codes, you don’t need to worry as they will no longer work.

How to Get More Pixel Piece Codes

If you want to stay updated with the latest Pixel Piece codes, there are a few ways to do so:

  • Follow the Developer: You can follow the developer of Pixel Piece on social media platforms like Twitter or Discord. Developers often announce new codes and updates through these channels.
  • Join Roblox Groups: Joining Roblox groups dedicated to Pixel Piece can also be a great way to find new codes. Group members often share codes and discuss the game.
  • Check Official Roblox Forums: The official Roblox forums have dedicated sections for each game. You can check the Pixel Piece forum to see if there are any new codes posted by players or developers.

Remember to always double-check the validity of the codes before redeeming them, as there are many fake or expired codes circulating on the internet.

With these codes, you can enhance your gaming experience in Pixel Piece by unlocking various rewards. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible, as codes can expire quickly. Enjoy your adventures as a pixelated pirate in the world of Pixel Piece!


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