Download Samsung Galaxy S4 USB/ADB Driver

USB/ADB Driver is an essential part of Android customization as well as transferring data. If you want to access your Samsung Galaxy S4 storage in your PC then you must first install USB driver otherwise your computer won’t see it. Also, manual firmware updating or updating with Kies require you to install USB driver first. Various Samsung Galaxy S4 customization require you to install and adb driver, only then a program can use adb command to achieve the purpose.

That’s why its very important to download USB/ADB Driver for your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can download it from various sources. Here are the few you can check out.


1. Traditional Solution on Windows OS
Usually, in Windows PC the computer will recognize your device when you connect it first time and then download and install required Galaxy S4 USB driver that will help you to access Galaxy S4 files from computer.
2. Official Solution
If above not work for you then download and install official utility Kies from here. This should install all required USB/ADB driver for Galaxy S4 on your Windows or Mac computer.
3. Samsung ADB/USB Driver
You can also install ADB/USB driver for Galaxy S4 on your Windows powered PC without using KIES. You can download the driver directly from here (official link) or here (mirror).
4. Universal Solution
When noting work then try universal ADB driver. You can download it from here and install it on your Windows computer.
Hope, one of the above mentioned procedure helps you. Let us know if you face any problem.


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