CyanogenMod Installer and How It Works? How To Install CM ROM Using It?

CyanogenMod Installer rolled out in Google Play Store. And, honestly speaking that app isn’t actually a one click installer that most online writer saying but rather help you preparing your device for installation. What it actually do, ask you to turn on USB debugging mode and ask you to share USB storage as Camera. That’s it! The actually installation process done by the PC companion.

From my using experience so far, I believe its better idea to download and flash the ROM manually when you have custom recovery installed to save way much time. The installer is for newbies who don’t know how to flash ROM or how to install a custom recovery in their device.

When you first start CyanogenMod Installer for PC, it will update the installer then start downloading recovery, ROM and system files which take about 30minutes to 60 minutes depending on your internet connection speed. The installer will flash a temporary custom recovery through which it later flash the ROM.  The installer prefer a device that is fully on stock. You don’t need to have a rooted Android device, the installer will install CM ROM without any problem.



One critical thing you should note, the installer will wipe your phone internal memory data, so you should always make backup before proceeding. You can follow our guide: Android Ultimate Backup Guide Without Root or With Root

You must also have driver installed on your PC to make it recognize by Computer. You can always download a driver from here.

Nearly all flagship smartphone are supported by CyanogenMod Installer. You can expect more device support soon. You can learn more about CyanogenMod Installer on official wiki page.


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