How to Fix Content Warning “Failed to Extract Error” Bug

Explore the resolution to the vexing ‘Failed to Extract Error’ in Content Warning games. Our guide offers clear, actionable solutions to common extraction issues, ensuring smooth access to your files. Dive into troubleshooting methods for permissions, corrupted files, and software glitches.

Content Warning Crashing

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Understanding the “Failed to Extract Error” at Content Warning

In the co-op horror game Content Warning, you and your friends film spooky content to gain fame. However, sometimes you encounter the frustrating ‘Failed to Extract’ error when trying to retrieve recorded footage from your camera using the Video Extraction Machine. This error prevents you from uploading videos to SpookTube and earning money.

What Causes the Error?

The error occurs when you’re back in the New World and attempting to extract video footage. Unfortunately, there’s no direct in-game fix for this issue. However, here’s a workaround.

Content Warning Workaround: Manual Extraction

  1. Press F3 on Your Keyboard:
    • During the game session, press F3. This action opens a Windows folder containing all the recorded videos from your current session.
    • Move these video files to another location on your computer.
  2. Watch Your Footage:
    • Play back the video files to watch your recorded footage.
    • Keep in mind that this method only works for recordings within the current session. If you’ve already exited Content Warning, you won’t be able to recover footage this way.

Preventing the Error

While we hope for a permanent fix in future updates, follow these tips to avoid encountering the ‘Failed to Extract’ error:

  • Limit Recording Time: Long sessions may increase the chances of the error.
  • Stick to One Camera Control: Designate one player (preferably the host) to record throughout the session.
  • Minimize Interruptions: Avoid excessive camera stops and starts.
  • Extract Footage Before Ending the Session: Ensure the designated player extracts the footage before concluding the game.

Remember, practice and persistence will help you overcome this challenge. Happy filming, and may your spooky videos go viral!

Feel free to explore the eerie world of Content Warning on Steam. It’s currently priced at $7.99, but it was free for the first 24 hours as a special treat for Landfall Day. Enjoy!


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