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6 Best Cooking Recipe Apps To Make You Super Cook

Chocolate Lava Cake! Do you love this cake but have no idea how to bake it? Every time you see a mouthwatering pictures and videos of food on Facebook or Instagram but no recipe manual with them? Don’t worry. Below is the list of top 6 android recipe apps where you can get your favorite food manuals and directions to cook them.

1. Cook’n Recipe App

Discover mouthwatering new recipe with the Live Recipe Feed. This app lets you search and capture internet recipes with one tap. Now create, edit and view recipes wherever you are. Cook’n recipe App is the only app of its kind with unique features that make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. Besides cooking recipes, this app provides you the access to Shopping Lists from Cook’n Cloud and saves time & money at the grocery store. [Play Store]

Cook'n Recipe App Screenshot

2. Recipe App Offline: Veg NonVeg

If you want to become master chef then this free recipe book is for you. This app is offline recipe portal with wide range of yummy, delicious and tasty food. A really good app for a beginner who has just started cooking. The app has different categories in food and meals. The special focus is on offline recipes in over 15 languages. [Play Store]

Recipe App Offline Screenshot

3. Recipes by Ingredients

This app allows searching based upon ingredients, calories, servings, time to cook and meal type. Recipes by Ingredients is free to download with no login/signup required. This app has a cloud backup where you can save your favorite meals. Social media integration allows you to share your personal recipes with your friends and also get to know their favored meal. [Play Store]

Recipes by Ingredients Screenshot

4. Dessert Recipes

Are you a dessert lover? Check out this app for all kind of dessert recipes. From chocolate to fruits; cakes, biscuits, pies, shakes and brownies; all mouthwatering sweets in one app. So what’s your next dessert? [Play Store]

Dessert recipes Screenshot

5. Salad Recipes App

Free, easy and delicious salad recipes, just an app away. Salad Recipes App provides you amazing and classic recipes that your mom, grandmother or your aunt use to make. With this app you will also find simple and tasty ingredients that can turn your usual salad ingredients into fancy and festive meals. This app will suit you no matter what culinary skill level you are cooking at. Great salads are no worries with Salad Recipe App. [Play Store]

Salad Recipes App screenshot

6. My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

Now store all your favorite recipes and food secrets in one place. My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and other important features. Build your own recipe database by gathering tips from the web. It is you and your own cookery! Just import your recipe from web into this app and then you will be able to view it anywhere. Besides you can also add your own photo or comments with each manual. Through social media, invite your friends to CookBook and share your food love. [Play Store]

My CookBook screenshot

The above listed apps are perfect treat for all foodies who are always exploring new tastes.



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