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Find our detail review of various interesting and useful Android apps. In many cases we tried to attach video to help you to learn the uses of app.

Top 5 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps currently on any platform. It has many added functionality compared to any other messaging...

How You Can Use Apple Music on Your Android Smartphone

If you ever used iOS you will know the beauty of the Apple Music. It is one of the best music streaming apps on...

Why Gboard Is Still the Best Keyboard App on Android Platform

Android has a handful of keyboard options these days to choose from on the Playstore. However, we find ourselves going back to the Gboard...

How to Never Lose Your Photos on Your Android Smartphone

How many times have you accidentally deleted an important photo and later repented of not having a backup of the photo? We all have...

Top 5 Features Of Google Snapseed – The Best Mobile Photo Editing App

Google Snapseed is one of the most advanced mobile photo editing app currently on the market. Google’s machine learning has made this app one...

Top 5 Free Video Calling Apps – Only The Best Are Listed

With mobile data speeds reaching 5G limits, video calling on smartphones have become a pleasure to use. Connecting with loved ones over a video...

Top 5 Best Simplistic Apps for Taking Notes on Android

Taking notes on the go is one of the features that have many uses for people from all sector of the society. From using...

Top 5 Powerful Photo Editing Apps on Android Smartphone

Editing on the go is the best gift smartphone apps provide to the photographers and enthusiasts. Editing on the go requires a powerful yet...

6 Best Cooking Recipe Apps To Make You Super Cook

Chocolate Lava Cake! Do you love this cake but have no idea how to bake it? Every time you see a mouthwatering pictures and...

Top 6 Online Baby Shopping Portals App You Should Have

Diapers, Toys, Shoes, Stroller, Trendy Outfits; don’t have time to but all these items from store? Then get help from your android device. Now...
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