Top 5 Best Simplistic Apps for Taking Notes on Android

Taking notes on the go is one of the features that have many uses for people from all sector of the society. From using notes, to list down your groceries, to important points for writers, notes are an integral part of an organized life.

Today we have listed the top 5 notes apps on Android that we use on regular basis and have found them super useful in daily life. Thank us later for making your life simple and easier.

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List Of Best Notes Taking App On Play Store

#1 Google Keep

Google keep

This one has become our current favorite for its simplicity. It has a material design to it with options to take written, audio, pictures and list notes. Google Keep automatically organizes the notes based on the date it was created. You can either choose the tile option or the list option to organize the notes. The best part of the app is, it is Free and you can sync your Notes with PC using your Google account.


#2 Dropbox Paper

dropbox paper

For people who use DropBox as their cloud service, this app is tailor-made for the users. Comparatively a newer app in the notes app market, this app has a simple design but a lot of features. A complete workstation with powerful tools to keep your team together, respond to comments and add documents to share with your team members.

#3 OneNote


This one is for the Microsoft Office Apps users to have a synced workflow across devices. It is integrated with Office apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc to allow users a complete access to files on devices. A cross-platform app that allows users to create a presentation on smartphone and record audio on-the-go.

#4 Notebook

notebookA gesture-based notes app that is similar to the Google Keep’s tiles layout for better organizing and sorting of the notes. You can write, draw, sketch or even record audio using the app. It is a free app and syncs all your work using the account you provide to sign-up to get all your notes across devices.

#5 Notes

Now this one is the native app most people will already have on their phones. Same on the iOS or the Android devices, this one is an uncomplicated app that allows you to take notes. It may vary with manufacturers but most apps, we have seen are simple and useful without any complications.

We hope these notes app will make life simple and easier for you. All of the notes apps we discussed are simple to use and yet powerful. Do let us know your pick of the lot.



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