Top 10 Useful Tricks OnePlus 5T Users Should Know

OnePlus 5T is one of the hottest and best-selling smartphones of the years with beast specs and great value for the price. With the new 18:9 display and addition of Facial Unlock feature OnePlus 5T is taking on serious flagship competitors. The revamped design required to move the fingerprint sensor from the front of the phone to back side of the device which allows for added functionality to the device.

We list down 10 of the most useful tricks that will help you get the most out of the device. These are very easy to use and does not require any advanced tuning to your device. We hope these tricks will help you in your daily usage and have a better experience using the beast.

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List Of Best Useful Tips OnePlus 5T Users Should Know

#1 Fingerprint Selfie

You can use the Back fingerprint scanner to click selfies. While clicking selfies you can use the fingerprint sensor as the shutter button to click pictures.

#2 Fingerprint Pull-Down Notification Bar

Use the fingerprint scanner to pull down notification bar. In the new OnePlus 5T you can swipe down on the fingerprint scanner to pull down the notification bar a little. You can pull again to pull down the full notification bar.

#3 Face Lock

Face lock feature, we all know about the facial unlock on iPhone X and controversial it was. However, the implementation on the OnePlus 5T is very simple and faster compared to the iPhone’s (;)).

#4 Hide On-Screen Navigation

Hide the On-Screen Navigation Button, in the setting menu you can turn off the navigation button to get a more immersive experience on the 18:9 display.

#5 Threefinger Screenshot

Three finger screenshot, this feature has been popular in recent times and many devices currently are having this feature. Keep in mind, this feature is not active out-of-the-box and requires you to manually turn it on to enable the feature.

#6 Pull Notification Bar

Pull down notification bar anywhere on the home screen. You can easily pull down the notification bar from anywhere on the home screen without reaching the top.

#7 Double Tap to Wake

Double tap on the screen to wake up the screen, you can on the OnePlus 5T double tap on the screen while it is on sleep to wake the screen up and read the notifications.

#8 Launch Camera

Double-tap power button to launch the camera, you can double tap the power button to quick launch the camera even while the screen is off.

#9 App Lock

Lock individual apps from the native settings menu. You can lock individual apps like Gallery or other apps using the native app lock feature on the new OnePlus 5T.

#10 Dual Apps

dual Apps OnePlus 5T

Dual apps, you can easily clone apps on the new OnePlus 5T. It will allow you to have two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts at the same time on the device.

These are the 10 simple yet useful tricks for your new OnePlus 5T. It can make your experience better using the device.


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