Top 5 Powerful Photo Editing Apps on Android Smartphone

Editing on the go is the best gift smartphone apps provide to the photographers and enthusiasts. Editing on the go requires a powerful yet light app that can run smoothly and provide an array of features. These days mobile photo editing apps have become far more advanced and are getting very useful. Having cloud or drive integration make it far more useful across devices.

Your camera pixel not always captures the best view but it’s the app that can make it mesmerizing. Below we will list down few apps that we found very powerful when using ourselves and believe you will like it as well.

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Best Powerful Photo Editing Apps on Android Smartphone

#1. Google Snapseed

Google Snapseed is one of the most powerful mobile photo editing apps on the playstore. It has all the powerful tools a photographer will ever want to get the best version of their photos on a smartphone.

Google snapseed


  • Best Free photo editor on Android
  • One of the most powerful tool
  • Professional editing tools


  • It has a learning curve, so beginners can get intimidated with the interface and options

#2. Adobe Photoshop Express

One of the Adobe’s top photo editors on PC comes to mobile with an array of features and tools to aid in your photography. You can sync and share all your work from either your PC or Smartphone using the cloud feature of the App.

photoshop express


  • Synced through Adobe’s cloud making a perfect tool for professional editors using Adobe’s PC apps to edit photos
  • Lots of tools and filters to stylise your photos


  • It is a heavy app and low memory devices can stutter running this app

#3. VSCO

VSCO is one of the Editor’s Choice app on the Google Playstore for its array of features and tools for professional editors. It brings together like-minded photographers and editors to share their work on the platform.

VSCO photo editor


  • VSCO is for the professionally with options to color correct and align your photos in a more pleasing manner
  • It is not only an editing app but also a community for photographers and editors alike


  • The free version of the app is limited and the app forces the users for in-app purchases to use the advanced features

#4. Facetune

Best app for selfie lovers to make fine tuning to their selfies and make them look better straight out of your phone.

Facetune mobile photo editor


  • Advanced options like skin retouch, red-eye removal, acne removal, face reshape, whiten teeth, etc make it one of the most advanced editors for portraits and selfies


  • It is an expensive app
  • This editor is solely for the selfie and portrait editing purpose and not an in all one editor for professionals

#5. Pixlr

One for professionals as well as an enthusiast with options for advanced correction to filters and stickers. It has useful tools for photo enhancing as well as options for stylizing the photos. You can do a lot of creative work with the App using its advanced tools and features.

PIXLR photo editor


  • Have a lot of options for pro editors as well as casual editors
  • Lot of useful and fun tools to play around with photos


  • Too many options can sometimes get confusing for beginners

The advancement of mobile photo editors has made it a mainstream options for photographers and photo enthusiast to have in their pocket for on-the-go editing with professional tools. Having these apps on your smartphone ensures you can always share the best photo on your social media without even having to carry your computer around.


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