Top 5 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps currently on any platform. It has many added functionality compared to any other messaging apps. Facebook has been under scrutiny for recent incidents; however, we still find the Facebook messenger app very useful. Compared to any other messenger app on Android it provides features like calling, scribbles texts, encrypted chats and many more hidden features.

Best 5 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger

Let us today look at some of the top hidden features of the Facebook messenger app which make it one of the best messaging apps on Android.


#1 You can Chat on Messenger without a Facebook account

You can even chat with anyone on the messenger app without even having a Facebook account. Just share a secret profile code with the other party to connect to the messenger app. Share your code using the QR code and ask the other to scan it on the app to connect.

#2 Have a Secret Conversation

Secret Conversation Facebook messengerYou can have encrypted conversation on the messenger app that can help you keep your texts safe. The message will disappear after a certain period of time. You can easily make any conversation secret by just tapping the options button.

#3 Play Games

games on facebook messengerYou can play games on the messenger app with your friends and compete on the app. There are tons of free games that you can enjoy with your friends on the app. Games include word game, solitaire, basketball, football and other similar fun games.

#4 Customise your Conversation

You can assign a different color to your chats to make them visually appealing. It may be a little feature but it allows you to make your chats look organized and different than same old chat windows.

#5 Replace Your message app with the Messenger App

Facebook messengerYou can replace the android messaging app with the messenger app on any android device to better sort the messages. It can help you better manage the messages based on promotional texts or contacts. The messenger app will make sure you have an organized message inbox for you to sort messages better.

I am sure most of you were not aware of these features on the messenger app. Do share your experience using the app. In addition, there are encrypted texts to keep your texts safe.


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