How to Never Lose Your Photos on Your Android Smartphone

How many times have you accidentally deleted an important photo and later repented of not having a backup of the photo? We all have come across such situation in life and expected we had a backup of the same. Backup, however, meant copying your photos to your PC or transferring to a Hard Drive. It required time you to connect your phone to your PC.

However today we will discuss a method that is easy to use and operates on its own. It is also free and does not require you to buy any additional storage for backing up the photos you click.

store anywhere google photosWe are talking about Google Photos which is a free app for your smartphone that allows you to store unlimited pictures on the cloud for free. It provides unlimited storage for high-quality images and 1080p videos. Yes, you heard it right; it slows you to have unlimited storage for all your photos and videos in High quality.


Best Part of Using the App

The best part is it is available for both iOS and Android. You can definitely store your iOS photos and get them to your devices using the Google photos app. The images stored can be of up to 16 megapixels which stores in ample amount of details. We have been using Google Photos across our devices and it has made life a lot easier. We are even less worried about losing any important photo or video, thanks to the auto backup of Google Photos.

organised photosYes, it uses the internet to back up your photos, but you can set it to WiFi only that won’t eat up your data pack. Once backed up the photos can be accessed using the Google Photos app on any OS or even on chrome web app. You can even allow you to download the images to your devices. Or else, you can choose to share the image directly from the app. It also organizes all the photos based on faces and date and location. You can get smart albums to organize your photos better.

Give it a try and I am sure you will love it to the max. We are really impressed with the unlimited storage of the high-quality photos across platforms. Now we have the peace of mind that we won’t be losing any photos even accidentally.


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