Top 5 Features Of Google Snapseed – The Best Mobile Photo Editing App

Google Snapseed is one of the most advanced mobile photo editing app currently on the market. Google’s machine learning has made this app one of our favorite app, we use extensively. Satisfied with the results we already have suggested Snapseed as our top picks for photo editing apps.

Today I am going to discuss five of the top features that really amazed us during our time with the app. These features are easy to use and come in handy a lot of times getting the best out of an image.

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List Of Best Features Of Google Snapseed

After reading our feature discussion below, you will surely going to give it a try.

#1 Selective editing option

selective tool google snapseedIt lets you edit or correct only the portion of the image that you feel needs editing. Just select the Selective option from tools and tap on the area to add a pointer. Tap on the pointer to edit the portion changing brightness, contrast, structure, and saturation.

#2 Perspective of an Image

perspective tool google snapseed

Change the Perspective of the image, using this tool you can change the perspective of an image. This allows you to get the best angle possible for a shot to make it look great. Google using its machine learning will automatically fill in the black places and provide a clean looking image with a touch.

#3 Lens blur tool

lens blur toolThe lens blur tool makes it possible for you to blur the areas that cause a distraction to the image. It is a very neat tool which allows you various positions and adjustments to the blur amount and area to make the subject of the image stand out.

#4 Expand feature

expand feature

This feature allows you to expand the image if you happen to have a smaller image or simply want it wider or taller than the original. The smart mode does work great using the machine learning, however, sometimes it might be overpowering. You can also choose the white or black mode that inserts white or black frames to expand the image accordingly.

#5 Healing Tool

healing tool google snapseedThe healing tool allows you to remove unwanted subjects in an image. Many times a good image is ruined by a small distracting object. This feature allows you to remove the object masking it with the background. However, we recommend zooming in on the image for better results as sometimes it can be overdoing things.

You can download this fantastic and truly best photo editing app from below.

Download Google Snapseed

These features on the app to make it a pleasure to use and get more out of an image you can never get straight from a smartphone camera. With a little practice and learning, you can get a professional looking image in a flash. There are many more features that we will surely discuss in another article.


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