App Reviews

Find our detail review of various interesting and useful Android apps. In many cases we tried to attach video to help you to learn the uses of app.

6 Best Music Learning Apps For Android User

Are you a bathroom singer? Do you feel shy while singing despite having a beautiful melodious voice? If you want to be the next...

6 Best Learning Apps for Babies on Play Store

“Twinkle-Twinkle little star” or “Old McDonald had a farm”; Are you training your kids to learn a poem and alphabets before going to school...

5 Best Traveling Apps on Android

Waiting for local transport has always been most difficult and time wasting exercise one can ever experience. In fact, getting lost in a new...

Top 6 Music and Audio Apps on Android

Long drive, missing some one, dancing in a party or need some peace of mind, music is always the best companion in all these...

Top 5 Fashion Portal Apps on Android

Fashionable out-fits, matching accessories and attractive foot wear are quite fascinating when it comes to looks and style. These are the weapons that portray...

Best 6 General Knowledge Apps on Android

Do you know who discovered electric bulb? Is it hard for you to recall the names of European countries? Do mathematical equation are making...

Best 6 Math Games for Android

With the recent incline in technology, around 80% of the users own a smart phone. The 11% of the usage is spent on Gaming...

Best 5 Android Applications for Financial Management

Handling finances has always been everyone’s Achilles Heel. Whether you’re a homemaker, a working professional or a student, managing the monthly budget is a...
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