6 Best Learning Apps for Babies on Play Store

“Twinkle-Twinkle little star” or “Old McDonald had a farm”; Are you training your kids to learn a poem and alphabets before going to school or involving them in healthy activities to boost their cognitive skills? Not an issue now. Just go to Play store and search for any of the bellow apps. These are the perfect for pre-school learning for babies and toddlers.

1. First Word for Baby

A great educational app to introduce new words to your toddlers and babies. With 11 flashcard categories and 100 words, this app will help them to learn everyday objects. Colorful high quality pictures and professional pronunciation of words keeps your babies’ interest high level. This game is ideal for parents and children to enjoy and learn together. Nice animations and real sounds captivates toddler’s attention. [Play Store]


First Words for Baby screenshot

2. Learning Letters Puppy

A fun-filled delightful app featuring babies’ favorite cartoon character. Animations and special sound effects keep babies’ attention engaged for better and efficient gaining. From English alphabets to counting numbers, from basic shapes and primary colors to elementary musical poems; all these in one place with one touch on the screen. [Play Store]

Learning Letters Puppy screenshot

3. Nursery Rhymes for Kids

One of the best app of 2015, nursery rhymes for kids is used by over 150K happy moms and dads. A very interactive platform for kids to sing-along with music and animations, this educational app has loads of surprises with funny animations and sounds. 88 favorite nursery rhymes and 100+ children songs, this colorful app is a perfect treat for toddlers and children from age 0-5. [Play Store]

Nursery Rhymes For Kids Screenshot

4. Puzzle games for Kids

A collection of colorful and exciting puzzles and games for toddlers to learn and explore. The app focuses on pre-school children and helps them develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills with multi colored animations and musical audios. The 11 mini-games will polish your children’s cognitive and reasoning skills along with their ability to focus and concentrate. [Play Store]

Puzzle Games for Kids Screenshot

5. Kids Spelling Games

Building strong English vocabulary has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. Let your children play with letters and words through this app. A fantastic platform to improve your child’s letter recognition and spellings. Dragging images to their final resting place makes this app easy and fun to use by kids. Appreciation animations every time your kids spells the word correctly will help boost up their confidence level. [Play Store]

Kids Spelling Games Screenshot

6. Baby Learn Colors

Get your baby introduced with the world of colors and paints. An amazing game for toddlers where they can learn, recognize and pronounce names of different color schemes. A total of 26 common colors with simple and intuitive navigation makes this app very handy and favorite for kids. Develop your baby’s attention and let them enjoy the colorful world. [Play Store]

Baby Learns Colors screenshot

A child’s mind is like a sponge that is thirsty for knowledge, give them the tools they need to grow. The above listed apps are surely great learning and training games for kids.


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