6 Best Music Learning Apps For Android User

Are you a bathroom singer? Do you feel shy while singing despite having a beautiful melodious voice? If you want to be the next Michael Jackson, then follow the below listed best music learning and training apps that will surely going to help you to improve your ability. Who knows you may soon find yourself in Golden Voices Of America!

1. Music Tutor(Sight Reading)

Love music but can’t read the sheet? Here is perfect app for you. Music Tutor helps you improve sight-reading skills. Develop your speed and accuracy in reading or choose to practice between treble clef, bass clef or both. Besides reading, music tutor also helps with ear training and practicing the aural skills. Tests and assessment quizzes are there to focus on your weak points and work on your mistakes. Share your points and ranks with friends and earn new achievements as you progress. [Play Store]


Music Tutor screenshot

2. Voice Training –Learn to Sing

Melodious voice but no training? This app is for you. Train tour voice and be a better singer. The app plays a note or phrase of notes and you sing to it while keeping track of which note you should sing and which pitch you are correctly singing. Designed in collaboration with professional singing teacher, voice training has a series of exercises to expand your vocal range by relaxing your voice. [Play Store]

Voice Training Screenshot

3. Music Theory Helper

Need to improve your music knowledge? Get this app. Music Theory helper provides information about chords, note rules, scales, rests, circles of fifth and symbols. With different exercises including reading and listening; this app helps you crack musical theory in many ways. A perfect material for all music beginners. [Play Store]

Music Theory Helper screenshot

4. Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass

A fast and fun way to learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument. Yousician is a personal music tutor for digital age. The pp listens to you play and gives instant feedback on the accuracy and timings. From beginners to professionals, this app will help musicians of all levels with step-by-step video tutorials. Teachers all over the world are using this app to teach their students in private lessons. This is surely the best self-learning app and a supplement to music teacher. [Play Store]

Yousician Screenshot

5. Coursera: Online Courses

You must have heard of online science lectures, but this app provides you with online music languages from top universities. Learn from top instructors in an engaging learning experience. The app supports dozens of language translation. Advance your career through earning course and specialization certificates. Besides share your success with employers, colleagues and friends. This application is quite generic and provides lectures for science, business and arts subjects also. [Play Store]

Coursera screenshot

6. Walk Band-Multitracks Music

Keyboard, Guitar, Drum-kit, Multitrack recording; all-in-one! Walk Band is a music studio specially customized for android. With tons of features, this app uses realistic instrument sounds. Play your favorite music everywhere, upload, share and listen to others music and social media integration make this music app quite interesting for music junkies. [Play Store]

Walk Band screenshot

Learning music is not a rocket science now, wake up the singer inside you and start practicing your ambitions.


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