Best 6 General Knowledge Apps on Android

Do you know who discovered electric bulb? Is it hard for you to recall the names of European countries? Do mathematical equation are making you confused? Need to improve your knowledge and intelligence skills, here is the list of top 6 Android Knowledge games and applications to polish your learning and concepts.

1. Wikipedia

Official Wikipedia for android is free encyclopedia containing more than 32 million articles. The app supports 280 languages and is most extensively user for references purpose by students. Wikipedia also provides prominent and contextually-relevant images along with image gallery. Suggestions section helps you to explore related or significant articles. The app is 100% open source and one can contribute to add authentic data and figures. [Play Store]


Wikipedia screenshot

2. General Knowledge – World GK

This app consists of over 15000 multiple choice questions which makes it a complete package for students and professionals to prepare for competitions and interviews. The questions cover almost 100 topics which include basic knowledge, computer science, medical fields, business and marketing, sports and history. This app supports 25 languages and translation, which makes it favored around the globe. [Play Store]

General Knowledge screenshot

3. Knappily

The numerous variety of news along with references and a news feed to keep track of latest updates, Knappily is the first-of-its-kind news and editorial analysis app. The app has enough in it to please a curious layman. A unique approach of news analysis will also help the candidates preparing for various exams and competitions. The team of experienced editors presents a unique value free analytical framework. Notification generation and sharing stories via social media makes it a popular app among users of all ages. [Play Store]

Knappily screenshot

4. DRONA(General Knowledge 52600+Faqs )

To crack the competitive exams or getting admission in any Institute, Drona helps you to hit you goal through unlimited questions with daily updates. This app has lots of queries with answers. Being developed in English, this app keeps updated with current affairs and happenings around you. Quizzes and brief mind assessments help you to analyze your strengths and abilities. The unique module of this app is Word Learner, which will help you to memorize a new word daily. [Play Store]

DRONA screenshot

5. English Grammar Test

English being the 3rd most spoken language in world, the app focuses on its grammar and rules. Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface makes it easy to use. With 30 tests and 20 exercises, English Grammar Test helps you focus on your weak points and revise information about grammar details. The score and scales of judgment indicate your percentage and level of intelligence. This test is recommended for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. [Play Store]

English Grammar Test screenshot

6. Math Tricks

This game is for all mathematical trick lovers who need to speed up their calculations. The test has 15 levels of training with timer and rating stars. Starting from basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtractions, to complex multiplications and formulas, these tricks helps you to solve mathematical parts faster than classical. [Play Store]

Math Tricks Screenshot

Whether facts learning or logical tricks, the above mentioned apps are very trendy among users of all ages and will surely help you to build confidence in yourself and excel through every field of knowledge.


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