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Tutorials that help you to use various device features including screenshot taking, booting into recovery mode, booting into bootloader, resetting device and many more.

How to unlock the bootloader of Nokia 4.2 – Complete Guide

If you are a Nokia 4.2 user and looking for a way to unlock the bootloader, then we have a good news for you....

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 Latest Stock Firmware Download + Guide

Time to time Samsung rolled out official firmware updates to fix security issues, bugs and performance. Sometime we witness firmware updates that solely come...

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 USB Drive / ADB Drive – Download

USB/ADB Driver is an essential part of Android customization as well as transferring data. If you want to access your Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000...

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 Screenshot Taking – How To Guide

If you searching for a way to take screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 then you are in right place. Use the below...

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 Recovery Mode – How To Guide

Recovery mode is a hidden treasure of any Android powered device including Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000. You can use it in various purposes such...

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 Hard Reset – How To Guide

Hard reset is a very useful feature that can save you in critical situation. That’s why you should learn how to hard reset your...

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000 Download Mode – How To Guide

Download mode is an essential part of all Galaxy line up including Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000. The main purpose of download mode is to...

How to Backup and Restore IMEI/NVRAM data on Mediatek SoC Powered Android Devices

If you are an advanced Android user and always try to experiment with your Mediatek chipset powered Android device then this guide is for...

How to Flash Stock Firmware Using SP Flash Tool

If you own an Android smartphone powered by MediaTek processor, then SP Flash Tool will be a must have tool for you. If you...

How Can You Take Better Photos Using Your Phone’s Stock Camera

As said, it is not always the gear that matters but the person behind the gear. In today’s world when Android smartphone cameras are...
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